Le 4 décembre 2018 à 19h


Breath project,
la route des souffles

Du 4 décembre à 19h
au 20 décembre 2018
avec Ana Bloom
Yvonne Chang
Napoli Davide

Performances :
– « EAU SOURDE » , symphonie Plastemique No3″, de Napoli Davide,
– « EAU DE SOUFFLE » de Yvonne Chang.


An introduction text by Lina VINCENT, ©2018.

The significance of breath is not questionable; it is vital and imperative to all (human and other) life. In the Indian subcontinent, beliefs run strong on the symbiotic connection between the microcosm and macrocosm, as well as the relationship of the human body with the universe and the five elements it is constituted of. In bringing the project to India, Ana Bloom constructs a bridge between continents, and also attempts to integrate and extend her project to touch upon this belief.

Ana’s ‘Breath’ series of work is as hard hitting as it is painterly in visualisation – it brings together nuances of physical experience with layers of philosophical and spiritual conceptualisation. In an interplay of concealment and revelation, the still images ‘bring to life’ anonymous beings through surging, bubbling water. The artist uses combinations of light and volume along with organic texture to explore the drama that surrounds the moments between being submerged and breathing dry air.

There is also an element of danger, of mystery, perpetuated by the absence of the protagonists’ identities. . Similarities and differences in race, nationality, gender and appearance, appear to be erased below the skin of water, which acts as a filter in multiple ways.

The work also represents a site of healing ancestral wounds through the work process and relives memories of a difficult voyage long ago. It captures essences of individual breath from across the globe – raising questions on the human condition,